5 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

5 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

Here at Masons, we care about helping the environment. As some of you might know, we’re on a mission to reduce plastic packaging as much as possible! As well as providing great recycling facilities, we use compostable coffee cups, cartooned water and glass-bottled milk.

However, there are more things we can all be doing in everyday life to help make a difference to planet Earth.

Use Reusable Bags

Another way to reduce plastic use is by investing in one or two reusable bags. They’re easy enough to pick up from almost all shops and are completely affordable. You’ll also save yourself from having hundreds of plastic bags under your kitchen sink!

Print Less

Using too much paper can be detrimental to the environment because recycling increases both water and air pollution. So, the less we print, the less we use.

Try to avoid printing unless absolutely necessary and, when possible, print both-sided!

Car Share

We all know how harmful cars are to the environment, so, sharing transportation is a great way to do your bit! Whether you car share with a friend to work, use public transport or simply walk more; every little helps.

Save Electricity

Because of the fuels used to generate electricity, the environment is affected the more we use it.

Turning lights off when you’re not in a room, avoiding unnecessarily putting the heating on and switching plugs off when appliances aren’t in use are all great ways to save electricity.

If you want to go a step further – switch to LED lighting. The bulbs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting and will save you money as well as the environment!

Don’t Litter

This is probably the easiest one. There is no reason to throw your rubbish on the floor, so remember, always put your empty crisp packets and chewing gum in the bin.