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Simple Camping Tips & Hacks That Actually Work

Here at Masons, we like to think of ourselves as camping pros! So, whether you’re an avid camper or are new to sleeping outdoors, we’ve come up with a few tips and hacks that we think will make your next trip that bit better.

Add sage to the campfire to repel mosquitos

As well as mosquito spray, be sure to bring some sage along with you on your next camping trip. Mosquitos hate it! Just sprinkle some over your campfire to send them packing.

Bring extra treats for your dog

Just like people, dogs will become more hungry being more active than normal, so don’t forget some extra treats for them to keep their energy up!

Keep your matches in a small tin

In dear old Blighty, you can never predict the weather. So, in case of rain, keep your matches in a small tin to keep them dry.

Hang your pots and pans

To avoid clutter on your camping ground, bring along some string or a piece of rope to hang around a tree. Add some hooks and you have the perfect place to hang your pots and pans once you’ve washed them!

Bring a camping mat

As well as a sleeping bag, don’t forget your camping mat. They normally fit inside your sleeping bag and not only keep you more comfortable but keep you warmer and drier too! Trust us on this one.

Hand Sanitiser

It’s not always easy finding somewhere to wash your hands while camping, so chuck a bottle of hand sanitiser in your rucksack to keep germs at bay.


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Happy Camping!