A group of women gather around a fire pit at Masons Campsite

Make your next group getaway your best: 12 ideas to kick-start plans

Booking a group event could be a daunting task without the right preparation. So it’s a good thing you’re here. In this blog we share how to juggle preferences and create memorable moments for all on your next getaway – including twelve ideas to get the group chat buzzing with excitement.

Pitch planning makes camp perfect

It’s true – the Yorkshire Dales has no shortage of campsites. But getting the right one that suits all of your groups’ preferences significantly narrows your search. At Masons Campsite, our pitches are well-catered for groups of different sizes and needs. We have camping, glamping and caravanning available across our site with great communal spaces and well-equipped facilities. Meanwhile, our charming location next to the River Wharfe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Let’s get competitive

Nothing brings a group closer together more than a bit of (healthy) competition.

1. Host a sports tournament
Round up every cone, beanie and stopwatch you have – have we mentioned our on-site games yet?

2. Play some card games
It’s surprising just how far one pack of cards can go – here are some of our favourites.

3. Share campfire stories
The more elaborate the better! Here’s everything you need to know about our firepits.

4. Guide a few walks
All roads really do lead to Masons Campsite! Here are some family-friendly routes to try.

5. Catch your dinner
You can experience fly fishing on the banks of the River Wharfe for just £5 (own equipment required). You cant really have them for dinner as you do have to release them, but it’s fun trying!

What’s for tea?

… it’s the one question that puts fear into any planner’s bones, as preferences can soon stack up and all your original ideas go out of the window! Next time, give one of these ideas the green light to navigate dining disasters.

6. Promote a potluck
Ask each of your guests to cook their favourite dishes to bring to the table – you might discover something new for your own recipe book!

7. Make the most of campfire cooking
Make the BBQ a shared activity and part of your trip – not just a chore.

8. Take a chance on a one pot wonder
Who can resist a chilli con carne or creamy pasta, truly?

9. Take the gang out

Make life easy and hop to the Coffee and Bread Shed, or book into one of the local eateries, only a walk or a short drive away.

Aaaaand… relax!

We all go on holiday for one reason – to switch off from the everyday! Take the pressure off being ‘always on’ in a group setting by planning some down time together.

10. Yoga and meditation
Our peaceful setting in the Yorkshire Dales is the ideal place to be more mindful. Take advantage of it for yourself with a peaceful meditation session or light yoga.

11. Experience stargazing
On a clear night, the sky comes to life with constellations that really do take your breath away. Grab a guidebook and see how many you can spot – with or without binoculars!

12. Photography competition
It’s not just fellow campers you can find at Masons Campsite – we also have an abundance of flora and fauna on our doorstep just waiting to be discovered. See how many members of your group can find them all and put together a shared album for keepsakes (or evidence!).

Comfort always wins

For groups of all sizes and generations, we take pride in making your stay that bit more comfortable. The outdoors should be accessible to everyone, after all. We’re back open in March 2024, which gives you plenty of time to make the first move and get a date that works for all the diaries.